About the Project



The Rainbow Warriors Project began as an idea to create an army of “Rainbow Warriors”, a faction of the mighty Space Marines featured in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The goal was to promote inclusion and representation on the tabletop by featuring these powerful Mayan and Aztec influenced warriors of the “grimdark” future. Soon many talented painters and hobbyists throughout Twitter volunteered their skills and time donating, building and painting these colorful Space Marines. The project quickly grew, and the first massive Space Marine army was finished within a few months! The Rainbow Warriors Project hopes to promote tabletop wargaming as a friendly, welcoming environment for all people. By partnering with organizations that share this goal, the Rainbow Warriors Project donates fantastic painted armies, people and tabletop experience to bring the hobby to everyone!


RWP Gen Con 2018 Demo & Classes Schedule



RWP contributors Dan Gomez, Alexa Miano, and Sophie Mosher will be on-hand at ConTessa's Gen Con 2018 presence running a variety of classes and demos. This is a great chance to try something new! Check below for details on the schedule, and feel free to come by with generics if you see a sold-out event you'd like to attend. If we have any no-shows, you can take their place!