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ConTessa Events

Our events are the bread and butter of what ConTessa is and does. Our processes are getting more streamlined every year, and we're being asked to more and more conventions. We work hard to build out events with as many professional touches as possible to make a truly unique and rewarding experience for everyone who comes to and runs games at our events. 

Volunteers that help directly with our events get perks like business cards and badges, and as we grow we'll work towards getting our coordinators whatever assistance they need to get to conventions. 

Event Coordinator - Online

Online event coordinators help us with advertising, recruiting, coordinating, and occasionally doing technical support before, during, and after our online conventions. The work involved will be heaviest about 1-2 months prior to the event, but should still not exceed 5 hours a week during that time period. You'll be asked to contribute ideas for panels and events we can run online, recruit GMs and panelists to our events, advertise the convention, and update us on your project via Trello. 

Event Coordinator - In Person

Event coordinators for in-person conventions help with advertising, recruiting, coordinating, and running our events at face-to-face conventions like Gen Con. Before the convention, you'll help us recruit GMs and panelists, contribute ideas for events, and answer questions from potential attendees and event owners. During the convention, you'll set up and take down at some of the events (we split them up), run your own games and panels, and help us with responsibilities like recording panels and blogging about convention experiences. 

This is probably the most time intensive of all the events as coordinating for in-person conventions can be tricky. Anywhere from 3-6 months prior to the convention, you'll be spending a bit of time here and there (I'd say no more than a couple hours a week) answering and sending emails as we do recruiting.

Once we have all our events staffed and submitted, you'll be helping out with any other small tasks we can divvy up between each other to do things like get t-shirt sizes, prepare literature, and advertise our events. This should take no more than 5 hours a week in the 2-3 months leading to the convention.

At the convention, we'll be the most greedy with your time. Each coordinator has a schedule of which events they'll cover for ConTessa. We try to have enough coverage so at least one Event Coordinator is at each event we run at conventions to set up signs, give out swag, make sure the person running the event has what they need, and possibly to take pictures or set up a recording device. We work with our coordinators to schedule their ConTessa volunteer time around any other obligations they have at the convention, so no one misses anything. 

You can be an Event Coordinator for one convention or many, only online or both online and in-person, whatever you have the time and resources for. 

Fundraising Coordinator

You'll be responsible for running our existing fundraising initiatives and coming up with ideas for new ways to raise funds. All the funds we raise go directly to paying for travel, lodging, badges, signs, swag, brochures, and all the details we add to make our events special. We'll soon have a presence on Patreon that we'll ask you to look after, as well as handling the coordination and details for other fundraising initiatives. 

The time commitment for this position will vary depending on the need for funds, but we still aim for no more than 5 hours on average a week. 


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