Who We Are


Stacy Dellorfano, Founder & CEO


Stacy founded ConTessa in 2013, which started with supporting women in gaming. In 2016, they made organization intersectional in response to the growing need for representational support in tabletop gaming. When Stacy is not working on ConTessa, they also write, design, and art direct roleplaying games of all sorts.

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Ariel Celeste, Director of Events & Promotions


Ariel has played games her entire life, and is experienced across the range of mediums in which they are found. An only child, her adventures with imaginary friends set the stage for the acting she would do through college and the roleplaying games she would find later in life. A long time Scrabble enthusiast and one-time competitive Unreal Tournament savage, she is drawn to the math of Caverna and is ever ready to bring her best Nero Wolfe impression to the suicidal madness of Delta Green. You can find her on FB and Twitter.


Christopher Helton, Director of Public Relations


Christopher is a long time blogger, longer time tabletop role-playing gamer and former writer for Bleeding Cool and EN World. He handles public and media relations for ConTessa. You can find him on Twitter.


Mariam Ahmad, Director of Web Presence


Mariam is a webmxster (yes, that's a word), editor, GM and game content creator. Currently enjoys having a fancy title and hanging out with their favourite peeps at diverse and inclusive cons, and wherever ConTessa goes. You can find them on FB and Twitter.


Event Coordinators


Bardaree Bryant

(She/Her or They/Them)

A.K.A Resident Media-Girl or That-Girl-With-The-Camera. She also spends her time lifting most of the heavy things. When not taking pictures or doing manual labour, Bardaree enjoys immersing herself in RPGs.

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Emily Danvers



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Bailey Nichols



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Darcy Ross